Frequently Ask Questions

Medicines Quality

What in reality is a generic medicine?

Generic drug is the model of recognized equivalent. These medicines even consist of the same key element as observe in the recognized versions and in the equal quantity. This is the reasons due to which drugs incline to be as proficient as the recognized versions in form of proportion, quality, utilization and security. This only difference, which is as well an excellent thing, is the truth that generic drugs get at inexpensive rates.

  • Can I keep full faith on the quality of generic medicament?

At, we assure you for superior quality generic medicines only at the lowest cost. We offer generic drugs that have approval from FDA and hold main element that is notice in renowned ones. This is because keep all worries to the one side when it comes to worth and effectiveness of medications supplied at our drug store.

  • Are these medicines helpful?

FDA certification for the entire major component practiced in these drugs itself denotes the efficacy is obvious.

  • What are the reasons behind selling medications at economical cost?

The basic reason why these medicament sold at affordable rates is that the producers never charge cost for advancement and research, advertising cost, marketing campaigns and so on. Not like the producers of acknowledged versions. In this way, you receive the generic capsule at lowest cost.

  • Why generic drugs come out diverse compared to the recognized versions?

Both renowned and generic adaptations hold endless dormant chemical composition like additives, stuffing’s and dyes that play a crucial role in deciding the color, shape, and size of medicament. Due to this specific reason generic drugs come out a slight diverse than the recognized ones.

Order And Cancellation

  • Procedure to order medication from our site

Select the drug that you plan to buy from the relevant group. After that, sign up with and do the payment. It is undeniably a simple thing to place order.

  • What is next step after placing the order?

Once order is placed, we will alert you regarding order authentication through e-mail together with shipping plus other information.

  • Can I track my order?

Obviously, you can cross verify your dispatch and the order status. For this, you will have to make contact with our customer support staff. Our staff without fail sends an email to our patrons in regard to the order and tracking information for our clients.

  • Can I terminate my order?

For order annulment, you require to contact our customer support staff through email or phone in 24 hours duration of order placement. Order termination request would be refused if previously being delivered for consignment.


  • How can I pay form my medicines?

Doing payments at is obviously effortless and rapid process. You have the choice to pay via Credit Card, eCheck facility or Wire transfer.

  • Can I disclose my details regarding credit care here? Is it risk free to do so?

Undeniably it is trouble to disclose you credit care information at, as we assure complete privacy of all the information that you disclose with us. We evade sharing your information with any intermediary. Apart from that, the site is formed considering all the precautionary features hence, be guaranteed while purchasing at

  • Is there any concealed cost?

No, there is not at all a thing like hidden cost when purchasing at Moreover, our sites give priority to maintaining complete transparency in each business dealings. We focus on business rules simply.

  • What is the money sort you admit for payment

We accept in form of U.S. Dollars only.

  • Whether you charge Sales tax or not?

No, there is no sales tax charge on generic medicament supplied at


  • What is the anticipated dispatch duration?

The dispatch of medication relies majorly on consignment manner you expected for. For example, we have the alternatives of fast shipping as well as usual shipping. It needs around 8-15 days (inclined to alter) for swift consignment, on the other hand usual shipping needs almost 12-21 days duration (inclined to transform).

  • Do you dispatch all over the world?

No question, we do dispatch throughout the world. At the same time, we request each client to render us with correct shipping information.

  • What happens if the order gets in spoiled condition?

In such an incidence, we suggest you to elude taking out the product wrap up. Snap a little number of pictures of the wrap up and instantly mail them to us. If we observe it pleasing and right according to your claim, we redeliver the order without additional cost. The procedure perhaps need a few days and therefore, we suggest you to keep patience.

  • What if the order is dispatched at incorrect or misplaced?

If the order is misplaced while delivery, we will redeliver it without charging any money. But if you have lent inaccurate address, then will not be liable for the loss.

  • What if fail to receive the delivery in the projected duration?

In such an example, we recommend all our consumers not to lose your patience and attempt to follow their order condition online. Besides, you can even contact with our customer support staff for any future aid.


  • Is there any sort of custom law or rule of buying generic drugs from an online drug store?

There is not at all custom rule or regulation as such while buying generic drugs from online drug store. For confirmation purpose you can check this by browsing Customs department website relating to your particular place (city, state). Even if there is a little number of exclusions, some instances are awfully unusual.


  • Who invent these medicament and where?

We receive all our generic drugs from prominent and admired pharmaceutics industries like Ranbaxy, Cipla, Ajanta and Dr. Reddy etc. and these industries are having maximum of their centers in India. Each medicine that we offer is examined prior dispatching it our clients.

  • Do you offer concessions on shipping?

Indisputably, we do at; you can get concession on a periodical basis and can save utmost proportion of fund.

  • When you will dispatch the order?

We deliver your order instantly after you place and make sure the order productively. This might need a pair of days.

Note: we suggest our clients to browse our shipping policy to become used to with our circumstance and rules associated to consignment of the medicines.


  • I did not get my order; can I ask for repayment?

Yes, you have right to choose the solution of repayment in situation you did not get the order consignment in the predetermined time period. But, for this, you require to contact our customer staff team to declare for money back.

  • I got an inaccurate drug that I did not place; can I ask for money back?

In such a situation, we will sort out the trouble if the difficulty has encountered from our side. Also, in such case, we can redeliver the order. No issues if you go for refund then.

  • Not pleased with the medicine efficiency, can I prefer for repayment?

We advice our patrons to get right suggestion from their health care providers before placing order for medication from our side.

  • The medicine I opted is outdated, can i request for refund?

Such an event is fair rare to happen, but if you found such incident, then you have rights to claim form refund anytime.

We even recommend you to surf our repayment policy page for making you familiar with all the queries linked with refund.

  • Prescription:

Is there a necessity for prescription for drugs at

A few medicines need absolute prescription. As a result, we guide you to acquire right prescription from your health experts prior you place their order. Just without fail, do either email or fax the physician’s instruction.


  • Could I annul the order?

No doubt, you could cancel the order, but make certain to do it in 24 hours of order placement.

  • Could I receive a refund for my fund after order cancellation?

Certainly, you must get the refund, but you need to annul your order in 24 hours of ordering the similar (Rules and regulation applicable). Refund may need few days of duration to come about.