Refund Policy

Deeply go through refund policy with caution prior purchasing any product from Each vital course of action and details is rendered that’s mandatory to be familiar with prior making any purchase order. never makes any delays clearing orders. No excuses will be given to clients as the product reaches at mentioned patron address on the specified time. In case, if owing to any reason if product dispatch happen late, and while analysis if it is observe that delay encountered as a result of our mistake, then the order can be cancelled and the total fund will be definitely returned. Reading overall all repayment policy is compulsory to know in what all other situations reimbursement happen. Terms are cited below under which only our money back policy comes into action.

Main things that bring money back policy into action mode are:

  • Products are dispatched in spoiled form
  • Products are not handed over on the mention time
  • Incorrect products are rescued
  • Product handed over at the incorrect address
  • Disappointment with our goods and services

Refund Process

Patrons supposed to contact our client support via email or our toll free number. Later, customer support team will inquire for order number. You will have to provide the same in correct manner. In addition, do not forget to mention the reason for repayment. Customer support will go through the details and authenticate the request.


Repayments Can Be Avoided Under The Following Circumstances:

  • If consumer has given incorrect address while order placement as a result of which the product was handed over at the incorrect address.
  • If consumer does not give Return Authorization Number, while request placement for repayment.
  • If asking for money back is directed after duration of 30 days of dispatch.
  • If during investigation its found product dispatch was not on time because of mistake from our side.

Note: – shifts the refund to the bank account of the holder just. Payments are all the time gave back to the source account just. The whole method can simply need 10-15 business days.