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Fildena 100mg

Is Fildena 100mg Safe?

Men suffering from male health issues struggle emotionally as well as physically. Fildena 100mg comes to their rescue protecting them from ED (erectile dysfunction) issues. While the medicine does not cure impotency issues, it surely helps to manage the same. There are several queries that may arise in the minds of people using Fildena to tackle their ED issues. The major queries are associated with the safety of its use. They may worry whether the use of this medicine may pose other dangerous side effects. So, here we hope to discuss the safety issues concerning use of Fildena 100mg. Reading through will help you get a clear picture of whether Fildena 100mg is safe to use.

What is Fildena and How It Works?

Fildena is a medicine used to manage the ED issues in men. The PDE5 hormone responsible for regulating the blood flow to major organs sometimes misfires. It misjudges its regulatory function and prevents erection even when the person is aroused. These ED issues can only be managed by inhibiting the action of the PDE5 hormone for a few hours. This is what Fildena 100mg does to manage ED issues.

What are the Possible Side Effects of Fildena?

While there are few side effects that may be dangerous, mostly it is safe to use Fildena 100mg for ED issues. Here we have shared a list of the possible side effects. Knowing them will help you decide whether or not to use this medicine for tackling ED issues. Check out the prominent side effects listed here:

  • If you are using Fildena 100mg for the very first time, you may face certain digestive health problems. You may suffer from nausea, vomiting, indigestion, and discomfort in the stomach. These symptoms usually last only till the body gets accustomed to the change. Your side effects will disappear in a week or two.
  • Some men experience dizziness and lack of focus when they use this medicine. This may be the side effect of Sildenafil Citrate 100mg which is the main constituent of the medicine.
  • Men who have used this medicine have also complained of temporary side effects like blurred vision or temporary colour blindness.
  • Some men have suffered temporary deafness as a side effect of this medicine.
  • Some men suffer from depression, anxiety and stress as a side effect of this medicine.
  • A rare condition called priapism has also been witnessed in some men as a side effect of this medicine. It is important to alert your doctor immediately if you experience this side effect.
  • Men also complain of rare side effects like chest pain, palpitations, and unusual heart rate. It is important to consult the doctor immediately if you experience any such symptom.

Is Fildena Always Helpful in Tackling ED Issues?

Before you start using Fildena to tackle ED issues, it is important to consult a doctor. This is because understanding the cause of ED issues is crucial to correcting the same. The doctor will try to find out the best way to tackle ED issues after assessing your condition. Here we have listed the different causes the doctor may assess. Check them out:

Health Problems: If you are suffering from major health issues, temporary ED issues are a possible side effect. When your health issue is resolved, the side effects will also vanish. In such cases, the use of Fildena 100mg to tackle ED issues is not recommended.

Psychological Causes of Impotency: The ED issues may also result from psychological causes. Men who suffer from trauma suffer from emotional impotence as a side effect. Men from conservative backgrounds may suffer from an aversion towards intimacy and nudity. This may also result in emotional impotence in men. The reproductive orientation should also be considered. Some men have different orientations that prevent them from getting intimate with their partner. In each of the above cases Sildenafil Citrate 100mg won’t be of any help. The person requires psychological counselling to get over the emotional impotency issues.

Lifestyle Issues:

The ED issues may also result from some lifestyle issues. Men who are too workaholic may lose interest in other things and this may affect their drive. Smoking and drinking pose certain side effects including ED issues. Lack of sleep and insomnia resulting from irregular lifestyle may also result in ED issues as a side effect.

Who Should Not Use Fildena?

Since we are talking about the safety of Fildena 100mg, it is important to assess who should not use Fildena 100mg.

Here is what we think:

Men with a weak heart: The ED medicines always work as PDE5 inhibitors. These medicines also alter the heart rate. This is why men who have a weak heart or existing heart health issues should not use Fildena 100mg.

Men with Hypertension: The heart rate is altered with the use of Sildenafil Citrate. This is not desirable for patients of hypertension.

Men suffering from serious side effects: In case the use of Fildena causes some serious side effects, it is best to avoid its use.

Men who are allergic to Sildenafil Citrate: The major constituent of Fildena 100 Mg is Sildenafil Citrate. This is why men who are allergic to this ingredient should not use this medicine.

Men who are using nitrite drugs should not use this medicine as there could be adverse interactions.

What to Tell Your Doctor Before Starting the Use of Fildena?

You must have an open conversation with the doctor about the effects and drug interactions of Fildena before you use this medicine. You must also inform the doctor about your health history. The doctor can guide you correctly only when he has the complete information.

So, here is the verdict about the safety of Fildena 100mg:

The PDE5 inhibitor is safe to use to tackle male impotency issues if the doctor approves it. Consulting your doctor about this health decision is vital. You must work yourself to resolve temporary ED issues resulting from other health problems. Eat healthy, exercise, get proper sleep and stay free from stress. These steps will help to revive your health and vitality. Regain your health so that you can enjoy a love life even without the use of Fildena 100mg.


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