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6 Reasons Your ED Drug Isn’t Working

6 Reasons Your ED Drug Isn’t Working

You are a young man and linked with your partner. You are committed to enjoy life together but something undesirable happens. You suffer from ED (erectile dysfunction) issues that prevent you from satisfying your partner. You are aghast and disappointed. You wish to find a way to solve your problem. You consult a doctor. He discusses your little issue and shows you a ray of hope. In the era of ED Drug, you have a plethora of options to rescue you from the plight of a broken relationship. You see the light and decide to use the medicines to tackle ED issues. However, the result is quite contrary to your expectations. The medicines do not show the miraculous results they are expected to show. You are much more disappointed now. The only hope also seems to be futile. So, you wonder what could be the reason why the medicines that work wonders for others do not work for you. Now, you are seeking answers to these questions. We are here to give you exactly that. Read the following points to understand just why your ED medicines do not work for you.

You May Be Suffering from Temporary ED Issues Due to Underlying Health Condition

You may already know that ED results from malfunctioning PDE5 hormone. The role of the PDE5 hormone is to regulate all the major organs of the body. It makes sure that all the main organs of the body get the desired blood supply. It also has the responsibility to compromise on the rush of blood to the male organ during arousal if there is a shortage of blood to the major organs. When a person suffers from any illness, the PDE5 hormone does its job. It causes temporary ED issues till the body recovers its health. This is not a matter to worry about. You simply need to identify the underlying health issue. Once you recover from that health issue, the ED issues will also get resolved. Taking ED medicines is surely not advisable in such situations. The PDE5 hormone is playing a vital role to protect you. 

ED Maybe the Result of Post Traumatic Stress

Most people lack awareness about this but ED issues often result from post-traumatic stress. If you have suffered from severe emotional trauma, your mind takes time to recover. You may require counseling and therapy to recover from the damage done by trauma. You may not get aroused or not get the regular drive with your partner. This is not ED due to any physical malfunctioning. It is clearly a result of psychological causes. It is important that you assess why you are suffering from ED issues. If you know that ED issues are occurring due to post traumatic stress, you must tackle that first. ED medicines cannot help you revive your reproductive health if it is the result of stress.

ED May Have Resulted from a Conservative Upbringing

In many societies, children are brought up in conservative environments. They are taught to look at intimacy or intercourse with aversion. This aversion too grows as the child grows up into a man. The hatred towards intimacy or his viewpoint of the action being unchaste can affect his sex life. He may fear intimacy. This may result in ED issues due to psychological causes. The ED issue is rooted in the person’s psychology and can only be corrected through behavioral therapy. ED medicines may not assist in such cases. It is best to avoid the use of such medicines in these circumstances.

ED Maybe Caused Due to Unhealthy Lifestyle Habits

Sometimes, your habits are responsible for your ED issues. Men who smoke excessively or use tobacco may suffer from ED issues as a side effect. While occasional use of alcohol is not harmful, alcohol addiction may also result in ED issues. Using Generic Viagra or other ED medicines won’t help you if your issue is resulting from some unhealthy habit. You need to work and get over your addiction. This is the only way you can ensure revival of your reproductive health.

You May Not Have the Desired Body Weight

Studies have shown that the right body weight can be the key to healthy reproductive life. If you are overweight or obese, your chances of developing ED issues increase. If you are too slim or lanky, this may also increase your vulnerability towards ED issues. It is thus important that you manage your body weight properly. 

ED Issue May Be Caused by Differing Orientation

In rare cases, you may suspect ED issues but it may not exist. Different people have different orientations. Some men tend to be homosexual and attracted towards the same gender. In such cases, it is natural for the man to not get attracted to his female partner. This is not because of ED issues but because of different orientation sexually. Even in such cases, there is no chance that ED medicines can be of any help.

It is evident that the underlying cause needs to be understood first before tackling ED issues in men. You may consult a doctor to analyze your health properly. You need to inform your doctor about your health history. You also need to inform the doctor about any drug interactions in the past. The doctor will try to verify whether your ED issues are the result of physical causes. In such situations, he may prescribe PDE5 inhibitors like Generic Viagra, Generic Cialis, or similar other medications. You can easily buy Generic Viagra online and have it shipped to your location.

You can order for the ED medicines online. You just need to check the strength of the medicine before adding it to your cart. You also need to check the expiry date. The medicines function quite differently past their expiry date. You need to check the reputation of the online retailer before you place your order online. 

You should also get instructed by the doctor about the right use of ED medicines. Overdose or misuse of ED medicines can result in health problems. Now that you know why ED medicines do not work sometimes, it will be easier for you to decide whether to use them or not.


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