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Buy Super P Force 160mg – One of the most common sexual problems which men suffer from is premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction. Before, there were no proper treatments for this problem. Men often feel ashamed to share their problems with others. However, as medical science has improved, people are getting the best results with the help of medicine. One of the best medicine for sexual problems among men is to Buy super P force 160mg.

Super P force is considered to be the king of ED. Though there are other medicines as well. However, none can beat the essence of this medicine. You can easily take it without any hesitation. This medicine is reliable and trustworthy. This medicine is strictly for males above 18 years and not meant for women and children. In this article, we are going to discuss all types of medicine information. Follow the article and start to gain knowledge. 

What Are The Ingredients Of Super P Force?

The ingredients of Super P Force 160mg are Dapoxetine and Sildenafil. The combination of these two ingredients helps to erect the penis for a long time. Other than that, there are no side effects of this medicine. It is better to consult with your doctor before asking for the medicine. These ingredients are not at all harmful. You can enjoy your life by taking the help of this medicine.

How Does Super P Force Functions In The Body?

This ED (Order Super P Force 160mg ) medicine functions differently. Other medicines take time to show action. In the case of Super P Force, it is different. Neither does it take time to function nor does it take action quickly. It differs from time to time. As soon as you start to take the medicine, it will slowly start its action.

You will get better results. In 30-40 minutes you can feel an erection in your penis. The penis will start to erect and while doing a sexual activity, you will have fun and entertainment with your partner. The blood flow becomes normal and you can enjoy the moments as well. 

Several men suffer from erectile dysfunction. The common medicines for the treatment of this disease are Viagra, Cialis, Tadalafil and Super P Force. These medicines contain the same types of ingredients as sildenafil and dapoxetine. This creates a healthy erection and one can easily enjoy their sexual life. Super P Force is mainly to treat the untimely discharge of sperm from the penis and erectile brokenness. 

What Are The Side Effects Of Super P Force?

Any medicine has side effects. Super P Force is one of them. So, several people have said that they have experienced some side effects. On the other hand, others said that they have not yet experienced any side effects. The side effects of any medicine depend from the body to body and from individual to individual. It might happen that one has experienced mild effects while others have not yet experienced any such things.

However, the common symptoms of Super P Force are headaches, muscle aches and pains. Some also experience dizziness and nausea. These are some of the common symptoms. However, the severe symptoms are back pain, insomnia, and difficulty distinguishing between green and blue. The worst symptoms are blurred vision and cough with frothy mucus. However, if you feel extremely uncomfortable then you must consult the doctor regarding the medicine. The doctor will find out the problem and can guide you accordingly. 

How To Take Super P Force?

If you have decided in your mind that you are going to take Super P Force then you need to follow some of the rules and regulations. Several patients often take the medicine at any time of the day. Do not do that. Take the medicine half an hour before your sexual activities. It means that if you are thinking of sexual activity in the afternoon, you need to take the medicine with meals.

Do not eat heavy meals like rice, pulses or vegetables. Just take it with light means like a sandwich, snacks or other foods. This will help the medicine to function properly. If you take heavy meals then the medicine might suppress it. You will not get the effect of the medicine. Even if you get the effect of the medicine then it might not last long. So, keep this point in mind. 

How Long Does Super P Force Take To Perform?

This (Order Super P Force 160mg) medicine does not take much time to function. In 30 minutes of taking the medicine, you will feel an erection in your penis. The medicine generally lasts for 2 days. So, it is better not to take the medicine twice a day. One medicine once a day is enough. It means in one medicine you can feel an erection in your penis for two to three days.

If you are using the medicine for the first time then you need to wait for a little while and consult your doctor. Your doctor will suggest the dose for you. In the beginning, it is good to take a light dose of medicine. It means that you can see how much your body is functioning. On the other hand, high doses can create adverse effects on your health. So, you need to think about it. 

As soon as you take the medicine, you will feel a change in your body. It means the medicine is starting to act. The medicine will act nicely and you will feel all right. In 30 minutes you will feel the change in your body. Your penis will start to erect and you can start your sexual activities. 

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What Are The Precautions That  Need To Be Taken While Taking Super P Force?

You need to keep in mind that Super P Force is not a normal medicine that in a few minutes it will start its action. This is a medicine for solving your erection problem. However, this medicine is also best for the treatment of premature ejaculation. So, start to Buy super P force 160mg. Some of the precautions are as follows. 

  • Do not take medicine with alcohol. The combination of alcohol and super P Force is deadly. Research states that if you take too much alcohol while you take Super P Force then it can lead to orthostatic hypotension. This can lead to several types of symptoms which include dizziness, fainting, headache, fainting, etc. Moreover, orthostatic hypotension also leads to serious heart problems. It makes the heart beat faster. So, the patient might suffer from serious problems. The reason for a faster heartbeat is that the medicine and alcohol both act as vasodilators. Vasodilators are substances that lower the blood pressure level in the body. It helps in relaxing the walls of the blood vessels and allows them to open wide. 
  •  Another important thing is that you should never take the medicine without consulting with the doctor especially if you have heart problems or diabetes. The medicine might create other problems as well.
  • Take light meals while you are deciding on sexual activities.
  • Try to remain cool and energetic. If you take stress then it might hamper your sexual activity. Other than that, try to consult your doctor before going into sexual activities. 

Super P Force: The King Of ED

There are several medicines available on the market. All the medicines are effective. However, Super P Force is considered to be the best of all. It is because it has fewer side effects compared to others. Moreover, this is reliable and trustworthy. It is available online as well as offline. Several patients have been using it for several days. They are not having any problems. 

Erectile dysfunction is one of the main sexual problems of men. The only thing is to take medicine so that you can overcome the problem. Men also suffer from premature ejaculation. That is why you need to take the medicine. This medicine is suggested for males over 18 years. This is not for females and children. If you have missed the dose then do not try to solve it by taking it two times. Try not to double your dose to recompense the missed portion. 


To conclude it can be stated that Super P Force 160mg is one of the best medicines for battling the two common problems of men: erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation. Generally, it is said that this medicine is not harmful to men. However, if you are suffering from sexual problems it is better to contact the doctors as well. They will help you overcome your problems. However, medicine can cure the first problem for a certain period.

The best way to solve the problem permanently is to go for surgery. Only surgery can help the problems to be solved permanently. We are sure that you have liked the article and at the same time, you have gained your knowledge regarding the medicine as well. So, you should Buy super P force 160mg. This will help you to solve your sexual problems. 


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