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Can You Get Pregnant From Anal Sex – Myths and Facts


Many people have thought in their minds about whether a woman can get pregnant through anal sex! Well, the answer is no. There is no chance of getting pregnant through anal sex. Several couples avoid anal sex while others love to perform anal sex.

Some couples have said that they were performing anal sex but she got pregnant. How is it possible? It might be the chance that semen enters the vagina and pregnancy occurs. Strictly there is no possibility of pregnancy anyhow with the help of anal sex. However, we cannot deny the fact that there is the possibility of sex especially if the couple engaged in other sexual activities.

There are many myths associated with pregnancy. Some think that penetration of the penis into the vagina will help in pregnancy. Others think that foreplay and other sexual activities are responsible for pregnancy.

Well, in this article, we are going to discuss several types of information related to pregnancy. Follow the article.

Relation Between Pregnancy And Anal Sex

People often think that there is a close relationship between pregnancy and anal sex. Well, a woman can get pregnant only if the penis is inserted into the vagina. Vagina and anal are in separate places. How does pregnancy come about? Pregnancy happens with a live sperm that contains siemens. When this is connected with mature eggs in the uterus along with the fallopian tube then pregnancy occurs.

American sexual health organization stated that anal sex a something when men put their penis into someone’s anus. However, there is a chance of pregnancy if semen is spilled into the vagina or the vulva during any sexual posture.

Is It Safe To Have Anal Sex?

Well, different doctors have different opinions. Some tell that enjoying anal sex is good. However, anal sex is unhygienic. The doctors have claimed that during anal sex, there are chances of getting affected by sexually transmitted diseases. So, it is recommended to not have anal sex. It might be dangerous for you. However, certain people love to enjoy anal sex. In the case of anal sex, it is there is always a chance of getting STDs. It is because the rectum’s lining is very thin. During intercourse, the lining may tear. That is why the infection might enter your body.

If you have decided to gave sex then it is better to use a condom. There is less lubricant with anal sex. So, the condoms can tear up during intercourse. It is always best to use lots of water-based lubricants and those are available in the medicine stores.

During anal sex, anybody can get affected with sexually transmitted diseases. Many people think that the make partner might not get affected. However, there is no scientific reason behind it. Anybody can get affected by it. So, it is better to have protected anal sex. There might be no chances of pregnancy but one can get affected by STDs. Why would you like to take the risk? Use condoms.

Misconceptions About Sexual Health

Several people have several misconceptions regarding sex. Some people think that intercourse during the menstrual cycle can make a woman pregnant. However, pregnancy can come at any time of the day.

Is it possible to get pregnant using the pull-out method? During the time of ejaculation, the male partner often pulls out the penis. They think it might help in birth control. However, it is not a reliable form of birth control. It is difficult to difficult for men to think when the sperm might come. If one drop remains inside the vagina, then the woman can get pregnant. One drop is enough to make a woman pregnant if the egg gets fertilized. The fluid that the male release during the time of ejaculation may contain sperm.

Well, some teenagers often think that foreplay might help in getting pregnant. Touching and caressing during naked is not responsible to get pregnant. However, it is recommended to use condoms because due to excitement siemens can enter the vagina. That is why if you don’t have much knowledge regarding pregnancy, it is advisable to use condoms.

Using Two Condoms Instead Of One?

Sometimes due to extra protection, the male partner often uses two condoms. To be honest, using two condoms can be riskier than using one condom. While sexual intercourse, there is a lot of friction. So, the condom might get torn at any time.

We all know the result of tearing up condoms. It is safe to use one inform instead of two condoms at a time.

You should not use any non-approved barrier methods for the prevention of pregnancy. Condoms are reusable. Out of excitement, some people think to use a balloon or plastic wrap. These are not only safe but also have adverse effects. Due to friction, the condoms can get torn. What would happen then?

Are Birth Control Pills Effective?

Birth control pills have several side effects. So, it is necessary to take it only after consulting with the gynecologist. There is a time limit of three days after sexual intercourse. It generally takes 7 days after a female start taking the birth control medicines.

The birth control pills have side effects. So, it is advisable to take only if you think that the sperm has entered your vagina.

We all are acquainted with the term douching. It is to rinse off the sperm after sexual activity. However, it is also not a safe method to get off from pregnancy. It is not possible to remove the sperm by washing the vagina. Douching often increases the risk of infections.


To conclude, we should say that anal sex is not hygienic. It is good to avoid it. Pregnancy due to anal sex is very rare. There is no chance of having pregnant by douching or simple foreplay. These are all myths. You should not pay attention to all these myths in your life.

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