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Does Smoking Weed Cause Erectile Dysfunction?

Does Smoking Weed Cause Erectile Dysfunction?


We all are familiar with the word “weeds”. It is considered to be illegal in the United Kingdom. The question that strikes the mind is whether weeds affect the performance in the bed or not. Research is still going on. The answers are not really known. It might or might not affect the sexual problem. Research also states that several men are suffering from Erectile Dysfunction and PE.

Due to these types of problems, relationship problems are suffering. Cannabis is an illegal drug and it has been associated with enhanced sexual experience. Medical science has improved a lot. It stated that weeds cause erectile dysfunction. Research is still going on. There are very limited studies found on the effect of illegal drugs as well as sexual performance. So, let’s take a look at cannabis and weeds. We will discuss more in this article. Though it is banned. People are still roaming about it to get rid of the problem. 

What Is Erectile Dysfunction?

Before proceeding with weeds we need to know about Erectile Dysfunction. What is ED? Well, ED is one of the common sexual problems of men. It is the problem where the penis doesn’t erect properly. Hence, they face having sexual intercourse with their partner. Other than that, the blood doesn’t flow and men find erection problems. There is no specific reason as to why men suffer from these problems. 

Smoking, drinking, and other reasons are there for Erectile Dysfunction. The permanent solution to get rid of ED is surgery. Surgery will help the erection problem to become normal. However, surgery cannot be done for every patient. That is why people choose ED pills. These pills are safe to use. Though there are some side effects of pills. Some of the side effects are severe while others are minor. If you face minor side effects then it will not create any problem. Whereas if you face severe side effects like heartburn, migraine, and sweating then you need to consult your doctor. 

To get rid of ED people are taking high-dose medicines. These medicines might create problems in the longer run. You should consult the doctor and solve the problem as soon as possible. 

Is It True That Illegal Drugs Like Cannabis Cause Erectile Dysfunction?

As we stated earlier, illegal drugs like cannabis can cause ED. Men get erections when the smooth muscle of the corpus cavernosum relaxes in the penis. It increases blood flow. Whereas THC is the psychoactive substance present in cannabis that makes you feel stoned. THC causes the brain receptors to cause you to feel high. The corpus cavernosum possesses cannabinoid receptors. Even after lots of research, the studies are inconclusive. It shows that in some cases activating the receptor in the penis. It restricts the muscles from relaxing and blood flow normally. 

Hence, it results in Erectile Dysfunction. You may Buy Viagra Online. The medicine will help you to stay relaxed and stay satisfied. That is why you need to take action. However, there is no proper reason revealed for ED. Many people mix cannabis with Viagra. It is not a good idea. It can cause different types of heart-related issues. Hence, one needs to be cautious in this matter. Buying illegal drugs is not safe for your life. If you are caught purchasing it then you may be sentenced to jail. Other than that, it is not good for your health. You may overcome the problem for the time being. After that, you will face different types of health problems. 

Can Weeds Enhance Sexual Experience?

Many people complained about the enhanced sexual experience after smoking cannabis. As it is illegal the drug can cause feelings of euphoria and increase sexual arousal. It also helps the man to relax and increases sensitivity to touch. 

There is an old myth that states that cannabis will help you to last long in bed. Moreover, plenty of anecdotal evidence is there to look the theory back. However, the report states that illegal drugs merely alter the perception of time. So, we can’t say properly that weed enhances the sexual experience. Instead of weeds, people are taking Viagra.

Viagra is not the permanent solution. It will give you a temporary solution like making the blood flow normal. However, it is better to take Viagra and do sexual activities. Sex is important in everyone’s life. You need to perform it accordingly. 

How To Get Rid Of ED?

Medical science has improved a lot. There are several treatments for ED. As we have stated earlier, ED can create different problems in our life. Previously Viagra was used to treat heart-related issues. Later on, it was clinically tested and people are taking the medicine to cure the problem. Due to ED, many men are suffering from relationship problems. 

Coming to the point of illegal drugs. There is no proper evidence to conclude positively whether illegal drugs cause erectile dysfunction or not. Cannabis is banned in many countries. However, still people are using it and it is affecting people in different ways. The impact of it depends upon several factors. The researchers are researching and thinking about different types of problems. These include frequency and method of consumption, tolerance to the drug, age, general health, and lifestyle habits.

Further studies are required to draw any hard conclusions. The Cheap Viagra Online will help you to get rid of the problem. Moreover, you can also check out the details of the medicine before using it. 


To conclude, we need to state that cannabis might be harmful to you. You have to be careful in this matter. Other than that, Cheap Viagra 100 mg will help you to get rid of ED. Regarding illegal drugs like cannabis, we cannot give you proper information due to a lack of evidence. It is expected that after a few years, there will be more information regarding weeds. Weeds are harmful and can cause serious effects on your life. So, you have to be careful regarding it. 


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