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Hypoactive sexual desire disorder | Myths vs Facts | LocalMedStore

It is now a matter of just a few clicks to buy Cheap Viagra pills online. There are several online stores that offer ED medicines at the best prices. However, desire disorder is something completely different. Men as well as women may suffer from desire disorder at some point in their life. Read further to understand desire disorder in greater detail.

We all rely on our relationships to establish satisfaction in life. However, some men suffer from desire disorder that prevents them from enjoying fulfilling relationships. If you suffer from consistently low or lack of libido, you maybe suffering from this health condition.

Men will be diagnosed with hypoactive sexual desire disorder when they suffer from lowered libido for six months or more and starts affecting their relationships. The condition is only diagnosed as a health problem when you or your relationship suffers because of the drop in libido. If you suffer from impotency issues due to physical causes, you can deal with them using ED (erectile dysfunction) medicines.

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Desire Disorder

Desire Disorder is a short form for the c

Symptoms That Indicate Desire Disorder

Since this condition may hamper relationships, it is best to identify it at the earliest. You can identify it only if you know the symptoms that hint towards desire disorder. Here we have listed out some of the common symptoms for your reference:

  • You observe a lowered sexual desire compared to before without any specific reason.
  • You encounter problems in relationships due to your reduced drive.
  • You feel depressed or upset because you do not have the same libido as in the past.
  • You tend to avoid sexual encounters because it does not give you the pleasure you used to enjoy.
  • You do not experience fantasies or sexual thoughts as before.

Many men hesitate to speak about the symptoms of desire disorder because men are expected to enjoy sexual encounters at all times. They may even consider to buy Cheap Viagra Pills online instead of consulting a doctor. This is surely no the right course of action. Even the best ED pills in 2022 cannot tackle your desire disorder. You must discuss your issue with the doctor to get a reliable solution for the same.

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Different Reasons Why You May Suffer from Desire Disorder

There are different causes that may result in desire disorder in men or women. The estimates reveal that women stand a greater chance of suffering from desire disorder. 1 in 10 women suffer from this condition. Studies also reveal that 32% women and 15% of the men stand a chance to suffer from this condition for long periods lasting many months. Some of the prime reasons for desire disorder are listed below:

Underlying Mental Health Issues: People suffering from stress, depression, anxiety and suicidal thoughts my suffer from lowered libido as a side effect.

Chemical Imbalance Caused by Hormonal Changes: People may undergo hormonal changes at any point in their lives. These changes may occur due to changes in medicines, environment or even physical changes. People may suffer from temporary desire disorder when they undergo hormonal changes. The issue may get resolved naturally or may require medical intervention.

Relationship Issues: Some people suffer from the desire disorder as a side effect of relationship conflicts. When there is discord and conflicts in relationships, it could affect the person psychologically and result in temporary desire disorder.

Sleep Habits: Most people tend to ignore how important sleep is for sustained good health. Good sleep habits prevent health issues. On the contrary, lack of sleep could adversely impact a person’s relationships and love life. Lack of sleep results in fatigue. This in turn prevents a person from developing the desired sexual drive.

Other Health Issues: When a person falls ill, the body focuses on recovering from the illness. The body may cut down blood circulation to the reproductive organs during arousal to ensure proper blood supply to the important organs of the body. This could also result in desire disorder since the body is not in good health.

You may consult a doctor to confirm your assessment bout desire disorder. The doctor can help you understand whether you suffer from the condition. He may also suggest measures to help you recover from the desire disorder.

Questions Asked by the Doctor to Confirm Desire Disorder

The doctor cannot make sure you have desire disorder with just one look at you. Similar symptoms my rise due to a number of reasons. The doctor will ask you several questions to evaluate whether you have desire disorder. Here we have compiled a list of the most probable questions.

Why do you think you have desire disorder?

The dr will ask this question to find out what you know about desire disorder. He may hear you out and then throw light on desire disorder. It will clarify an doubts you have prevailing regarding the condition.

What symptoms are you encountering?

Some people simply overestimate their condition. They may encounter a few symptoms and emotionally build up on these symptoms to assume the worst. The doctor asks you about the symptoms you encounter to prevent this from happening. When he asks you this question, you need to list out all the symptoms that cause you to suspect you have desire disorder. The doctor will then help you know whether your assumption is right or wrong. He may prescribe medicines based on his evaluation.

Have you experienced similar symptoms before?

It is important for the doctor to know your health history before he can derive any conclusions. You need to tell your doctor if you have experienced similar symptoms in the past. You must also explain the health background when you experienced the symptoms for desire disorder before. The doctor may be able to understand the underlying cause for your condition.

Are you under any medication?

Doctor should be informed if you have any existing health conditions. He should also be informed about the medicines you are using to tackle the particular health condition. The doctor will check the drug interactions of the medicines you are using. He will also check the side effects of the medicine you are using. This will help him choose for you a safe medicine to tackle your desire disorder.

Are you having problems in relationships?

This is a very personal question and yet the doctor may require an honest answer for it. It is impossible for the doctor to understand your condition properly unless he gets a proper background regarding your relationship.

Different suggestions the doctor may provide to tackle desire disorder

You may hope that tackling desire disorder would be as simple as ordering medicines from the best online pharmacy in USA. However, few health issues can be resolved that quickly. You need to take special care to improve your overall physical and mental health to correct desire disorder. The methods suggested by the doctor may vary based on your symptoms and your underlying causes. Here are a few suggestions that the doctor may provide:

Behavioral Therapy or Counselling

Some people suffer from the desire disorder because of psychological causes. A person suffering from post-traumatic stress may suffer from desire disorder as a side effect. Some men suffer from desire disorder as a result of traumatic sexual experiences of the past. Some men have an aversion towards intimacy as a result of their conservative upbringing. This causes them to suffer from desire disorder. In each of these cases, the patient needs to be counselled. The psychologists may suggest behavioral therapy if the case is more critical.

Kegel Exercises

Some men suffer from desire disorder because of their bodily habits. Some men fail to move their body frequently and this causes the body to get lethargic. This and absence of physical intimacy for long may result in desire disorder in men. Kegel exercises could help the person revive from this condition. The doctors may suggest the patient to include Kegel exercises as a part of their daily health routine.

Healthy Living Tips

Sometimes, the desire disorder is the result of overall poor health. If this is the case, you may feel fatigued and tired often. This will prevent you from enjoying physical pleasures causing issues in the relationship. The doctor may prescribe some healthy living tips in such cases. He may suggest you to get the desired 6-8 hours of night time sleep. He may also recommend you to exercise regularly. He may suggest to include at least 40 minutes of exercise in the daily routine.

The doctor may also prescribe some healthy diet options for you. When the body exceeds the desired weight limit, it can also result in health problems. A controlled diet can be the remedy to this problem.

Rather than looking to Buy Cheap Viagra pills in 2022, try to understand the different health habits to prevent desire disorder. This will help you have a healthy and happy relationship with your partner that goes a long way.



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