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Hypoactive Sexual Desire Disorder – Symptoms and Treatment


People are often confused about desire disorder. Sometimes people have moods for sexual intercourse while sometimes they don’t. However, if you see that there is a persistent loss of mood and sexual activity then you are suffering from desire disorder. The hypoactive sexual disorder is also seen to be very common in some people. This problem can become permanent or temporary. Only your doctor can help you out of this situation.

In short, desire disorder means a lack of physical intimacy and sexual activity. Some people often get irritated to thinking about sex. Desire disorder generally persists in men for 6 to 8 months.

On the other hand, some people suffer from sexual aversion disorder. It is a situation where the person feels an aversion to sex with their partner. Desire disorder affects the relationship badly.

What Are The Symptoms Of Desire Disorder?

The symptoms of desire disorder vary from person to person depending on the situation. The doctors or therapists diagnose the desire disorder based on the symptoms. The common symptoms are as follows.

  • Lack of sexual activity causes problems in the relationship among married couples.
  • Lack of sexual desire causes discomfort.
  • Sexual desire seems to be lower in comparison with the past.
  • Absence of sexual fantasies and thoughts.
  • Avoid genital contact with your partner.

Is It Necessary To Visit The Doctor For Desire Disorder?

Yes, of course. You should visit your nearest doctor for the treatment of desire disorder. The doctor will rule out medical or substance use causes. After asking various types of questions the doctor will get to know the real cause of desire disorder. The reasons might be of several types. It might be due to new sexual relationships or mental health problems.

Sometimes men face the problem of erectile dysfunction. The doctor will test for low testosterone which is one of the reasons for desire disorder.

Often patients feel ashamed to share their problems with doctors. However, the doctor will

make you feel comfortable and start the treatment as soon as possible. With the help of treatment, one can overcome the problem of desire disorder.

What Are The Causes For Desire Disorder?

There are several causes of desire disorder. Those are discussed below. Have a look.

  • Insomnia: sleeping problems are one of the causes of desire disorder. A nice sleep is necessary to feel fit and fine. That is why several people suffer from desire disorders.
  • Relationship problems: Sometimes couples face relationship issues. Lack of trust, faith, and fighting is the reading to feel annoyed about sex. This causes desire disorder.
  • Tiredness: Tiredness is also one of the reasons for desire disorder. Too much stress, anxiety, and tensions cause desire disorder. Sex needs to be enjoyed. Tiredness kills the mood of sexual pleasure.
  • Chemical imbalance: A brain chemical called neurotransmitter plays a great role in sexual activity. The absence of this chemical creates disruptions. Ultimately, it leads to sexual desire and function.
  • Medication side effects: Sometimes taking too many anti-depression medicines destroys the sexual hormones. Not only the anti-depression medicines but also other drugs responsible for suppressing the sex hormone.
  • Aging: As people started to age, their sexual urges become low. Some people love to use their libido and desire to have physical intimacy with their partner. Ultimately, it leads to desire disorder.

Can Desire Disorder Get Cured?

Desire disorder doesn’t get fully cured. However, the effects can be lessened after the proper treatment and medications.

  • Kegel exercise: Kegel or floor exercise can help in the treatment procedure of desire disorder. One should aim to do kegel exercise three times a day with the help of their instructor.
  • Healthy lifestyle: Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is very necessary. Exercise, skipping, and yoga help to get rid of anxiety and stress. You should not take alcohol and other forms of drugs.
  • Try sex alone: Try to. play with your genitals alone. You may try masturbation to relax your muscles. Moreover, you can also take the help of sex toys or vibrators. Watching porn movies also helps to make you feel excited and happy. Sexual foreplay and techniques will also help you to have a star-saying sex life.

Who Gets Desire Disorder?

Desire disorder is a typical ailment and it is most common in women compared to men. However, any gender and age can get affected by it. However, counseling and proper treatment can help to get rid of desire disorder.

The research states that 1 out of 10 women faces desire disorder. On the other hand, 1 out of 50 men faces a desire disorder.


To conclude, we must say that one should not neglect desire disorder. If you face any symptoms of desire disorder then you should consult the doctor immediately. Desire disorder can affect your marriage life. Several people are suffering from it.

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