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Is It Possible to Be ‘Too Wet’? Is This Really a Turn-Off?


Can the vagina get too wet during sexual intercourse? It is one of the curious questions that people often think of. People have a notion that a wet vagina means you can do sex freely without facing any trouble. Is it so? The answer is no. The female who feels too wet during intercourse is not a medical diagnosis. Dr. Lindsey who is the CEO of the sexual wellness platform states that vaginas need to be wet during sex. It is extremely important to feel pleasure and non-painful play. 

During the first intercourse, many females feel pain in their vaginas. It may be due to the dryness of the vagina. Hence wetness of the vagina matters a lot. During penetration, many women feel pain due to dryness. Hence, in this article, we will describe every possible detail of the wetness of the vagina. We will also describe the importance of the wetness of the vagina. However, you can buy lovegra 100mg tablets for your wetness of vagina.

How Important Is The Wetness Of The Vagina?

Vaginal wetness is a very important factor. It is the key to getting pleasure in sexual penetration. Many women did not find their vaginas to be wet. That causes problems for them to insert tampons and menstrual cups during their menstrual cycle. On the other hand, they also didn’t find pleasure while penetrating. It causes problems in the relationship. Until the vagina is wet, you will not be able to enjoy sexual pleasures. Caitlin MPH, who is the clinical sexologist suggested using condoms and lubricants during penetration if it is dry. 

Furthermore, watching porn movies and kissing often increases libido. Hence, you will feel happy to have sex. Caitlin also suggested that you should use lubrication on the penis, mouth, anus, and vagina. After that rub the entire part. Rubbing it will increase wetness and you will find more pleasure. Sometimes this lubrication is easy to cause little micro tears in the vaginal tissues. That is why you should always use branded companies. You may buy lovegra online and see the effect. Excessive rubbing can also cause the risk of infection. Another sexologist named Heather Jeffcoat stated you should not use too much lubrication. It can affect health. Furthermore, always use lubes that do not contain the smell. Some women feel pain or itching while using lubes. Hence, you should use a little quantity at the beginning. 

What Factors Causes Dryness In The Vagina?

The dryness of the vagina depends upon several factors. All these factors are different from one another. The most important thing is that due to some prolonged illnesses like thyroid, PCOS, and other factors, the vagina becomes extremely dry. Moreover, sometimes taking medicines can also create problems. These are the common factors. 

Sometimes the sexual desire of some women is very low. It means that they don’t have a libido and can’t perform perfectly in bed. It provides them with irritation in their sexual hormones. Hence, the vagina becomes dry. Some of the ways by which you can get rid of dryness are to drink lots of water. Drinking water and juicy fruits can help increase the wetness of the vagina. Other than that, you can buy lovegra online. This medicine is perfect for you to take and get rid of dryness in the vagina. Due to dryness women feel pain in their pelvic region and are unable to enjoy the moments. Hence, it is best to consult the doctor and treat the problem patiently. 

Do not Use Any Such Products 

Women are scared of their problems. They want to overcome the problem. That is why they want to use any such products that will help their vagina to become wet. Without consulting any doctor, it is always better not to use any such products. Other than that, you should be aware of the brands. The brands are important to use. 

You may find many advertisements where that suggest using oil and cream. Do not use any such things. It may harm your sensitive area. That is why you should always check out the ingredients before applying them. You should always consult the product with your doctor. If you find any problem after applying it then change it immediately. Only use doctor-prescribed medicine. It is helpful for you in the long run. Moreover, if you are thinking of using barrier protection like external and internal condoms then the added friction also has the risk of breakage. 

Is It Ever Possible To Have Too Much Discharge?

Caitlin says that when it happens outside of arousal then too much wetness seems to be the symptom of an infection. In these types of situations, the wetness of the vsgina doesn’t remain the same biochemical makeup as the natural lubricant produced in response to arousal. It is known as discharge. 

Discharge from the vagina is the body’s way to keep the vulva in tip-top working order. If you find any fishy smell then it is time to be concerned and visit the doctor as soon as possible. Other than that, you should always wash the vagina with lukewarm water. Do not use any scented cream or lotion. It would make the area rashes. If you want to get rid of those rashes then it is better to visit the clinic. It would be best if you start to take lovegra 100mg tablets.


Lastly, it is important to state that you should check your body parts. Every part of our body needs protection and care. That is why you should buy lovegra online. This medicine is perfect and helps you to get what you desire. Cleaning your vagina will help you to stay away from all types of diseases. People often neglect it and the result is urine infection. The wetness of the vsgina matters a lot. If it remains dry then it creates problems in the long run. So, you should take care of your vsgina as it is the greatest possession. 


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