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Sexually Transmitted Infections: What You Need to Know – Types, Symptoms

What Do You Need To Know About Sexually Transmitted Infections?


If you want to indulge in sexual activities then you should know about the sexually transmitted infections. It is abbreviated as STIs. STIs pass from one person to another when they indulge in sexual activities. Sometimes people don’t pay attention to it and in return have to suffer a lot. On the other hand, sexually transmitted diseases can occur to any person at any time of the day. It can occur in males as well as females.

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People can also die if proper treatment is not done. Some infections are benign while others have serious effects. In this article, we are going to discuss some of the information on sexually transmitted diseases. We will discuss the type of infection and the treatment procedure.

  1. Chlamydia: Chlamydia is a type of infection which occurs from Chlamydia trachomatis. This is one of the most common and major infections which mainly spreads from sexual interaction. The body parts through which it can be spread are anal, vagina and oral sex. However, the infection can also spread to the child during the birth. This infection does not have any symptoms.

However, if people neglect this infection then they can suffer from infertility and other sexual problems. However, people said that they experience pain while urinating. During anal sex, some people also face pain in the rectum. That is why it is necessary to visit the doctor as soon as you are experiencing all these symptoms.

  1. Crabs: In public hair, several people experience crabs or pubic lice. Pubic lice are also found in armpits, eyebrows, eyelashes and other hairy parts. These lice are so small that they cannot be noticed by the naked eye. However, the person will feel an itching or burning sensation in the pubic region. The initial stage is the appearance of the eggs and lasts for 6-9 days. After hatching the eggs, the crabs come out and spread. the entire part of the pubic region.
  1. These tiny crabs need blood for their survival. So, they will suck the blood in that area. During sexual intercourse, the crabs transfer from one partner to the other. It is essential to remove the life from the genital area by consulting the doctors. A proper consultation can help people to come out of this situation.
  1. Genital Herpes: Herpes is a kind of virus which enters the body parts and damages the skin, genitals and cervix. This virus generally remains in the mouth. While kissing or licking, this virus gets transferred from one partner to the other. During oral sex also, this virus passes. Moreover, the virus is also found in the vaginal and anal regions. So, during sexual intercourse, the grapes get transmitted. However, there were some misconceptions regarding Genital Herpes. There is no chance of herpes spreading via toilet seats, utensils or swimming pools.

However, if anybody touches the herpes-affected body with their body then the virus spread to. that person as well. Herpes remains dormant and does not cause any problems. Some people do not understand any symptoms of it.

The common symptoms of this virus are blistering. Other symptoms are fever, body ache and swollen lymph nodes. Some people never have any kind of idea in their life that they have herpes. However, it can be spread from one person to another.

  1. Hepatitis B: Hepatitis B is very common and causes a long-term infection. It can damage the liver and causes death. The infection mainly occurs in semen, fluids and blood. Hepatitis B is a communicable virus and can be spread from sexual intimacy with the partner. Other forms of transmission are using non-sterile equipment for injection. Moreover, puncturing the skin with sharp objects can also cause Hepatitis B.

If a pregnant woman suffers from Hepatitis B then there is a probability of the baby getting affected. If this virus is detected at an early stage then the person can become okay. However, sometimes people get to know about the infection when it has already spread to the entire body. Several people have died out of this virus.

  1. Trichomoniasis: Trichomoniasis is an infection that affects both men and women. It affects the vaginal area in females and in males it affects the urethra. During penetration, the infection can spread from one partner to the other. Several people have several types of symptoms. Some people don’t realise any symptoms. While the common symptoms are pain while urinating.

Some people also find pain during sex with their partners. Often people ignore these things. This is one of the deadly viruses and if not treated properly then it can spread to other people as well. So, it is better to go to the doctor as soon as one develops symptoms.

  1. HIV: HIV is a deadly disease and can attack the entire immune system of the person. Generally, it spread through sexual contact and by other means as well. This disease spreads rapidly and causes death immediately. If this infection is not treated timely anything can happen. HIV can remain in any part of the body like the vagina, semen, breast milk and other places.

 If the fluid enters another person by sexual contact or by any other means, then that person will also be affected by that virus. However, the treatment can lessen the effects of the virus on the body. It cannot be cured properly. Using condoms is effective in getting rid of HIV.


To conclude, we must mention that for sexual pleasure we should not forget to take precautions. Sexually transmitted diseases are deadly and can be life-threatening. Direct intercourse always results in some sort of virus.

That is why it is best to consult the doctor while taking medications. People often think oral sex is safe. However, it also has some sorts of risks associated with it. The patients should consult a sexologist before suffering from these kinds of viruses. These are some of the sexually transmitted diseases, there are more to discuss.

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