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Should you expect erectile dysfunction at a certain age?

It is evident from studies as well as from statistics that aging increases the possibility of ED (erectile dysfunction) issues in men. So, the question is sure to arise in your mind whether ED issues are a part of aging. You may wish to have a clear picture in order to set your expectations straight. We hope to resolve your queries and help you know whether ED issues are sure to prop up with age. Here we have tried to explore the different aspects that may contribute to ED issues as you age. Read and find out for yourself.

Mind and Its Role in ED Issues

ED issues may arise as a result of a number of factors. A person is able to function optimally only when he is healthy physically, mentally and psychologically. When the person is mentally disturbed, it has a great impact on your overall health as well as reproductive health. Stress is often the underlying cause of diabetes, high blood pressure and several of the age-related health concerns. It is evident that if you have a healthy mind, you have greater chances of maintaining a healthy body. If you wish to maintain a healthy mind but do not know what to do about it, here are a few suggestions for you:

Live in the Present: One of the prime reasons for stress is that we either feel regret about the past or anxiety about the future. This worry eats up much of our present time. We are unable to make the best of our energies because we are stuck in the past. The simple solution to this is to fine tune your mind to live in the present.

Develop Some Habits: It is important to cultivate habits that are good for you. Set a timetable for some health-related activities like eating, sleeping and working out. Get rid of bad health habits like smoking and drinking.

Meditate: There are multiple benefits associated with meditation. You can learn guided meditation and make it a habit to meditate regularly. You may also cultivate a habit to be mindful.

Get Enough Sleep: One crucial aspect for better physical and mental health is good night’s sleep. Make sure you get enough sleep. Maintain sleep hygiene to improve the quality of sleep.

Physical Health and the Link with ED Issues

The study reveals that men who are overweight and obese stand a higher chance of developing ED issues compared to their slimmer counterparts. It is evident that physical fitness is a crucial part of maintaining reproductive health. You must try to maintain the body weight within the healthy range.

Cardiovascular Health and ED Issues

Studies also show that people who have cardiovascular health issues stand a higher chance of suffering from ED issues as a side effect. So, why does this happen? The PDE5 hormone is responsible for regulating blood flow to the major organs of the body. Since proper blood flow is vital for better functioning of the major organs, this hormone is significant. When the body is suffering from health issues, the circulation through major organs of the body may get affected. The focus of the PDE5 hormone is to ensure that all crucial organs perform efficiently with proper blood circulation even at this stage. This is the reason why it compromises on the potency to ensure that all other vital organs are functioning smoothly. Men get erections when the blood rushes into their male organ while they are aroused. However, if the person is ill or unwell, the PDE5 hormone prevents the rush of blood even when the man is aroused. This is how ED issues arise in men with cardiovascular health issues.

Lifestyle Habits and ED Issues

Very often, the negative lifestyle habits you have picked up may result in ED issues. People often wonder why more people today suffer from ED issues. The reason can be linked to poor lifestyle health habits. People today eat out often. They also rely much on preserved foods and junk foods. These foods not just contaminate our system but also do not provide the necessary nutrition. The deficiencies caused by chemical farming food products result in multiple health issues including ED issues in men. The people today are mostly working in offices. The sedentary work life also poses a major threat to overall health and wellbeing. 

Can ED Medicines Be of Help to Tackle Age Related ED?

Even when you have taken all precautions to prevent ED issues, you may still suffer from age related ED. In such cases, you can enjoy a healthy love life by choosing cheap cialis online. The medicine has Tadalafil as the main constituent. It is an effective PDE5 inhibitor that works for long hours. There are several online and offline stores that sell cheap generic medicines. It is now very simple to place an order for medicines. Some tips listed below will help you with this process:


  • Always check the expiry date of the medicine before you place your order. 
  • Verify the strength when you order for cheap viagra 100mg or any other generic medicines.
  • Make sure not to use the medicine if they are deformed or ruined due to moisture.
  • Check the reviews for the online pharmacy before placing your order for the medicine.
  • Check the shipping policy of the site before placing your order.
  • Make sure to read the terms and conditions of the site carefully prior to placing the order.
  • Read the return and refund policy before you place your order.
  • Check to make sure the price of the product is within the MRP before you place your order.

Thanks to the intensive research in this field, now there are multiple cheap generic medicines to tackle ED issues in men. However, not all companies can be equally trusted. It is important to check the online reputation of the brand before you place your order. The medicine can help you enjoy a good time in bed with your partner while forgetting completely about ED issues.


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