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Stressed About Sex? Here Are 4 Ways to Feel Better

Stressed About Sex? Here Are 4 Ways to Feel Better


Feeling guilty, lonely or irritated during sex is very common. Sexual interaction can be fun and healthy but it is not always easy and comfortable. It depends upon our mood so that we can enjoy intimate moments. Feeling happy and unhappy is very common among women. However, these feelings play an important role and can prevent you from enjoying or having sex with your partner. 

If all these things sound familiar to you then this article is for you. The study journal “Fertility and Sterility” surveyed that 18-40 years of women are suffering from sexually related personal distress. Nowadays feeling problems regarding sex lives became very common. Many counsellors are also trying to solve the matter between the couples. Having sex is not only to have children. Sex is very important in every individual’s life. 

However, on the other hand, 20.6 percent of women are suffering from female sexual dysfunction. The reasons are many for this suffering. It might be the reason for stress, anxiety, relationship problems and many more. The four common FSDs are as follows.

  • Desire issues: It means women are unable to perform well in bed. They are not finding intimate moments to be good. 
  • Orgasm difficulties: This is another problem of FSD. It means women are unable to react properly to sexual activities. It creates problems in their relationships as well. 
  • Low sexual self-image: Many women are unaware of the fact that they are suffering from low sexual self-image. It is also one of the major destructive qualities in any relationship. 
  • Arousal problems: Almost 9% of women suffer from arousal problems. It means they do not enjoy the moment. It might also be the fact that they are trying to enjoy those moments. However, their hormones are not supporting them. 

How To Improve Sexual Distress And Lead A Normal Life? 

It is an unpleasant situation for couples to suffer from sexual distress. If sexual relationships are not good among couples then it might cause relationship problems and later lead to divorce. It is completely normal for you to have some negative feelings and to feel low. However, sex life is important for any relationship to stay long.

  • Develop a healthy self-image: The most important thing is to develop a healthy self-image. So try to make little changes in your habits and it may help you. First, take a copy and pen and try to list out some of the important things that you love about yourself. Try to pamper yourself. One more thing you should try to limit your exposure to social media. Try to celebrate your physical capabilities and be a critical viewer of the body messages. Never compare your body with others. Try to take better things from others but do not feel low about it. Try to accept your body as yourself. It means you should love your body to every extent. The most important thing is that you should cut yourself some slack. 
  • Have a conversation with your healthcare provider: Sexual distress as well as female sexual dysfunction can be the outcome of several types of problems like biological, physiological, psychological and social issues. Having deep conversations with healthcare providers will help you to come out of the problem quickly. They will be able to identify the exact problem that you are unable to track. Hence, in the long run, it is helpful for you to work on it. They might suggest some medicines or medical tests that will help you to overcome the problem easily. You may try to sort out the problem by purchasing some Generic Medicines Online. However, without recommendations from any doctor, you should take any medicines. It might create different side effects. 
  • Communicate with your partner: Lack of communication can cause problems in your life. Hence you need to contact the partner as soon as possible. Every individual is different from one another. So, the libido also differs from person to person. If you are suffering from low libido then you should talk openly with your partner. Instead of keeping quiet, you must talk openly. If you are hesitant to talk openly then move to other places like restaurants, movie theaters etc. Have a conversation with your partner. It will help to solve the problem and you will feel good. Remember a healthy relationship means a good conversation. Do not hide anything from one another. 
  • Lowering stress and anxiety: Our office work and household chores are responsible for stress and anxiety in our life. Doing all this work often makes us forget that we have a family. Hence it affects the sexual life. It influences our life badly. So, you have to look after your workload. Work in any institute where you have mental peace. Sometimes working in a stressful environment kills half of our life. It is important to start doing exercises and workouts. It will keep your mind fresh and relaxed. Take a balanced diet and drink lots of water. All these are highly essential for you to maintain your busy schedule. Moreover, maintain a fixed routine so that you can work on it. Other than that if you feel that your daily life is affecting you then you should contact your healthcare provider. They will guide you accordingly. Other than that, follow some of the motivational videos. These will help you to stay optimistic in your life forever.


One of the best medicines to deal with the problem is to Buy Viagra Online. Viagra is a reputed brand and it helps to deal with the low libido among men and women. If you follow all these tips then you may overcome your problem. At the same time, you also have to keep in mind that you need to focus on your relationship. Low libido doesn’t mean that you are unable to enjoy your sex life. It means you just have to work hard and make your life better with your partner forever. 


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