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Vidalista 20: How Long Does It Last?

Vidalista 20: How Long Does It Last?

A person can be happy and satisfied only if he has a satisfying relationship. ED (erectile dysfunction) issues can affect the peace and satisfaction in relationships. Some resort to medicines instantly to tackle such issues. Vidalista 20mg is one of the medicines that can come to your rescue. However, you need to understand ED issues in greater detail before you resort to such medicines. ED may have different causes. The medicines can only tackle issues caused by physical causes. Sometimes, you may even have to resolve a treatment plan that includes medicines as well as therapy. Here we have shared our views on ED as well as on the use of Vidalista for the same.

What is ED and How it Occurs?

ED (Erectile dysfunction) is the inability of a person to get or retain an erection even when thoroughly aroused. Many different causes could result in ED issues in men. The ED issues could be temporary or permanent. Most often, the ED issues are the result of malfunctioning PDE5 hormone. This is why all the ED medicines work to inhibit the action of this hormone. Vidalista is no exception to this rule. 

Multiple Distinctive Causes of ED

Age as a Risk Factor: Studies show that men stand a greater chance of ED with each decade of ageing. This means that men in their 40s stand a greater chance of developing ED issues compared to the men in their 30s.

The Connection Between Bodyweight and ED Issues: Overweight and obese men stand a higher chance of developing ED issues compared to normal weight men. Similarly, men with poor body weight also stand a greater chance of developing ED issues.

Addictions and ED Issues: Smoking and nicotine use make you more vulnerable to ED issues. Men who are addicted to alcohol abuse may also suffer from ED issues.

The Link Between Sexual Orientation and ED Issues: Some men are inclined differently and do not get attracted to women. In such cases, they may suffer from ED issues with female partners due to psychological causes. Medicines cannot work to your benefit in such cases.

Stress and Trauma Affecting ED Issues: Stress has a direct link with multiple health conditions. Your reproductive health is not exempt from this rule. When your overtly stressed, this could adversely impact your love life as you may suffer from ED issues. Childhood trauma or post traumatic stress also affect the way you deal with your love life. If trauma is left untreated, it could result in ED issues as a side effect. This cannot be tackled using medicines. 

Health Issues and ED:

When you suffer from any temporary infection or illness, your body becomes weak. The PDE5 hormone has the responsibility to ensure proper blood flow through the major organs of the body. When you are weak, you may not have enough blood. The PDE5 hormone compromises on your reproductive health to ensure all the major organs of the body function properly. This is why you may suffer temporary ED issues as a side effect. You can recover from such issues by improving your overall health.

ED Due to Malfunctioning PDE5 Hormone:

In rare cases, the PDE5 hormone malfunctions. It causes ED issues even when a person is perfectly healthy. In such cases, Vidalista 20 can help you revive your love life.

What is Vidalista and How to Use It?

Vidalista is an ED medicine that works as a PDE5 inhibitor. It has Tadalafil as its active ingredient. The medicine is available in 2.5mg, 5mg, 10mg and 20mg doses. You need to consult a doctor to use the medicine the right way. A doctor will check whether the medicine is suitable for your ED issues. The doctor will usually recommend the use of this medicine just prior to lovemaking.

The medicine shows its effect only after it is digested by the system. This is why it is best to use the medicine at least half an hour prior to lovemaking. Go for a light meal when you are using this medicine. This will ensure that the medicine shows its effect sooner.

Things To Remember While Using Vidalista 20mg

It is important to do some checks before you use any medicine and Vidalista is also subject to this rule. Here are the things to note while using Vidalista:

  • Check whether the medicine is within the expiry date.
  • Make sure the medicine is intact in constitution. If its shape or structure has been affected due to heat and moisture, discard the tablet, and go for another one.
  • Check the drug interactions of the medicine. You may even consult your doctor for the same.
  • When you use the medicine for the very first time, observe whether there are any side effects. Consult a doctor if you observe any serious side effects.

Questions To Ask Your Doctor Before You Use Vidalista:

Consulting a doctor for advice before using Vidalista will prevent later worries. Here are some questions to ask your doctor:

What are the side effects of Vidalista?

What is the Right Dose of Vidalista for Me?

What Happens if I Take an Overdose of Vidalista?

Who Should Not Use Vidalista?

What are Alternative Medicine to Use Instead of Vidalista?

What are the Health Risks Posed by Use of Vidalista?

A good doctor will keep you informed well about answers to these questions. He will never deprive you of information.

How To Order Vidalista 20 Online?

You can Buy Vidalista 20 from online pharmacies. You need to specify the right strength of the medicine. You must check the expiry date of the medicine before you add it to your cart. You must also compare the price of the medicine with its MRP. If there is a major difference in the price, something could be fishy. Check the reputation of the online retailer. Buy only from retailers with multiple positive reviews and feedback. Read the terms and conditions of the website before you place your order. Make the payment online to have Vidalista 20mg delivered right to your door.



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